Thursday, 22 January 2015

Industrial Wasteland Episode 006 - Dave Mono

My guest this month is none other than Dave Mono, from Cork in Ireland.
This is an incredible mix, showcasing many of Dave's own tracks. You won't be disappointed by this!
Dave Mono - How did I Get Here?
Dave Mono - Pieces Bits
Dave Mono - Their Power
Dave Mono - we
Dave Mono - Moves
Truss - Auden
80 Doppel D - Dead Life
Anthony Hypster - Duplication
Kai Pattenberg & Klangtronic - Abnormality
Kai Pattenberg & Klangtronic - Obsession
Dave Mono - Basketcase
Kai Pattenberg - Knautschzone
Angy Kore - Animal Inside Me

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